Nonton Film The Fox’s Summer () Subtitle Indonesia
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The Fox’s Summer (2017)

Nonton The Fox’s Summer (2017) Subtitle Indonesia

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Series Status : EndedDuration : 45 minRelease :  IMDb : 10 1 votes


Gu Chengze, the adopted son of the Gu family, is the CEO of Gu Mall Corporation. Mrs. Gu wishes for her biological grandson, Gu Jinyu to take over the company; and Gu Chengze is tasked to guide the rightful heir towards becoming a respectful businessman. During this time, he meets fashion designer Li Yanshu and discovers that she is Gu Jinyu’s ex-girlfriend. He decides to hire her aboard to motivate Gu Jinyu, who still harbors feelings for Li Yanshu. The plan worked on when Gu Jinyu decides to join the company and pursue her. When Mrs. Gu finds out about Gu Jinyu’s feelings for Li Yanshu, she was livid and tells Gu Chengze to separate the both of them. This creates an opportunity for Gu Chengze and Li Yanshu to get closer to each other, and they fell in love. With the help of Li Yanshu, Gu Chengze overcomes many difficult situations. Gu Jinyu, after undergoing life-changing experiences, also matures and successfully took over his company.

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